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Geo .tv, with a standard renewal fee, which could be developed into a very attractive tourist travel and hotels information site for the Lake District. The Lake District, which is always referred to in the UK as 'The Lake District' (with the article 'the) is the largest National Park in England and also has the highest mountain in England - Scafell Pike. It is the most visited tourist region in the country and arguably the most beautiful part of England, with its many mountains and lakes.

The Lake District is also famous for its association with literature and art. Thomas Gray was the first to bring the Lake District to the public attention in 1769. Then at the turn of the 19th Century the Lake Poets made the region even more popular. The three leading figures of the Lake Poets being William Wordsworth, Samuel Coleridge Taylor and Robert Southey.

During the early 20th Century children's author Beatrix Potter, famous for her Peter Rabbit books (which made her very rich by the way) made her home in the Lake District and it is to a large extent due to her efforts that The Lake District has been preserved from the developers.

The Lake District is a wonderful place to live if you enjoy beautiful natural scenery, and if you can afford the property prices!

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