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Make Money Online Self-Publishing on the Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader

If you're looking how to make money online then self-publishing is one possibility. You could of course write an ebook and make it available for download, or write a printed book and publish it yourself via places such as but there is now another outlet you may wish to consider - Amazon. Oprah Kindle Ebook Reader Make Money Online
Last year Amazon created their own Ebook Reader, known as the Kindle. Just recently Oprah told the world that the Amazon Kindle was now her favorite gadget, which has no doubt done wonders for sales of the device, especially as we approach Christmas, although it had already sold over 380,000 units. Well now, you can publish your own novel on the Amazon Kindle and gain access to Amazon's enormous market. You need to have US social security number which is nuisance for the rest of us not resident in the US but the process thereafter seems relatively simple.

It's free to publish your book and you will receive 35% of the sale price. Some things are not allowed of course i.e. pornography, illegal material, offensive material, etc...

The whole process is explained at, but it seems pretty straightforward. Just enter your name and the title of the book, describe it, and include a selection of keywords, and enter a price between 99 cents and $200. Amazon can change the price if they don't agree with it. 12 hours later your latest opus will appear on the Amazon site.


  1. wow, it almost seems too easy, right? i mean who edits the book? and that does seem odd to me that it's free to publish... then again you only get 35% of the sale price so i guess that's where amazon gets its storage space reimbursement from. good to know! thanks!

  2. Hi Heather

    It does seem very easy and do they accept anything and everything ? I don' t know, but it might be worth a go if you are a creative prson who can write a book. 35% seems OK to me - bear in mind that for a 'proper' book from a publishing house the author only gets around 7 - 10%.


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