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Make Money Online : Domain Registration Discount Codes

If you want to make money online by buying and selling domains, you will discover that the cost of registering domains and renewing them soon mounts up, so wherever possible it is a good idea to try and reduce your costs. Discount codes are a good way of doing this. So here is a list of recent Godaddy discount codes you can try.

How to use these discount codes? When you get to the actual invoicing screen at Godaddy you will see a small space for you to enter any discount code you may have. So try the ones below -if one doesn't work, just keep trying till you find one that does.

A particularly useful code is 199TEST which gives you a domain name registration for just 99 cents, unfortunately it only works once. A code which seems to work all the time is HASH3 which knocks off 20%. So save yourself some money ! With thanks to Joey over at Namepros for putting the list together. If you know of any other codes that work, for Godaddy or anyone els, please leave a comment. Thanks.

Domain Registration Discount Codes for Godaddy

$0.99 +0.20 icann =$1.19 199TEST, 99DOMAIN (Valid once per account for new reg)
$6.99 +0.20 icann =$7.19 yhkw105a TDNAM or Renewals
$7.39 +0.20 icann =$7.59 DNF2
$7.59 gdbb776 TDNAM
$7.69 goxtgi200c / gtl05 / ZINE3 /OYH3
yhkw105a for $6.99 +0.20 icann = $7.19 (also works at TDNAM)


$7.50 gdbb776, TDNAM
$7.99 gdp1009q, CJCTLD749 Register,

Renew or transfer
$10.58 gdp0902b

$7.69 gdbb776 /gdp0902b

$6,99 gdbb776 / goxtgi200c
$8.19 gdp0902b

$8.99 gdbb776 / gdp0902b

$9.99 gdp0902b

$15.99 gdp0916d, gdp1144c

$9.99 gdp0915a





$20 off $75++ purchase

20% OFF $75!
gdp1013e/ gdp1013a


Other discount codes you can try



  1. Hola my friend,

    A blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones.

    Greetings and lots of love from Malaysia.

    p/s The wise old Vic was mentioned here, My Journey To Recovery on the second last paragraph unfortunately, :$

    ~ ArahMan7

  2. Hi Arahman,

    Thanks for the Christmas greetings - a Happy New Year to you too. I made a comment somewhere on your new blog name but it seems to have disappeared, maybe it was on one of my other blogs. Anyway I see you've got your new bog name up and running OK and it's looks good. I said in the othe comment I made that the .com of your name is owned by a woman in Pennsylvania, maybe she would be willing to sell it if you get in touch.

  3. Hola my friend,

    Yeah, I managed to upload the new domain name without any trouble. If I'm not mistaken you did a post about changing to a new domain name, but I couldn't find it.

    And thanks for the head-up. I'm going to search that woman's email on Whois and ask her about it. Hopefully she will sell it to me.

    K, see you around my friend.

    Greetings and lots of love from Malaysia.

    ~ ArahMan7

  4. Good luck with your attempt to buy the .com - let me know whow you get on
    Happy New Year !


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