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Make Money Online - More Domain Name and Hosting Discount Codes

I posted some Godaddy discount codes in an earlier post - link - but new codes are constantly being issued. Here are some of the latest updates of Godaddy discount codes I have discovered

yhkw105a = 20% off
emma1 = 10% off any order
emma2 = 20% off any order > 50USD
emma3 = .com domain for 7.49USD
emma25 = 25% off any order > 100USD
promo10 = 10% off any order
cjc20host = 20% off hosting
gdbb776 = $7.50 for renewals
CJCTLD749 = register, renew or transfer .net for $7.49
gdr0103ar - 25% off .COM - new, renewals or transfers
gdbb776 .org Renewal only $7.69
gdp1237d .org New or Renew $7.99

To see the outrageous prices obtained for domain names in 2008 see Domain Name Prices in 2008. Outrageous because they were not my domain names e.g. $9.9 million paid for!

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