Make Money Blogging for Rookies

Make Money On the Internet Blogging for Rookies

How to Make Money On the Internet - A Beginners' Guide

Times are hard! But as those wise old philosophers in the US of A say "when the going gets tough, the tough get blogging!"
So, you have decided to make money online blogging. You figure how difficult can it be? A bunch of other loonies are doing it so why not me? Money for old rope as we say over here.
You just create a blog (free with Blogger). Sign up for Adsense (free). Stick the Adsense ads on your free blog. Write shome shtuff. Then check your Adsense account ten times a day to count the money rolling in! Easy peasy!

The bad news is, you can't make money on the Internet doing nothing, but the good news is - it is possible provided you do something, for example you can make money online blogging!

So before we get going here is a little poem I wrote, I call it - "I'm Blogging for Money, Honey"
(Nervous cough)

Making money blogging
Has got to be easier than logging
No more hard work slogging
Chopping up that wood

No more hunting beaver
With your dirty cleaver
Now you're a high achiever
Beaver likes you good

I think that about sums it up.
Become a famous blogger, make a pile of dosh and those pesky beavers will take care of themselves. Beavers have apparently already invaded cyber space, gnawing away at cyber logs with their little teeth, hypnotizing law-abiding citizens by fluttering themake money online tips shaving beaverir cute beaver eyelashes and generally creating havoc. But fear not, with your new-found beaver trapping skills you will soon have them eating out of your hand. Do beavers eat wood? Who knows? But that's something for you to Google (later! - pay attention I’m just getting to the important bit). Right now we've got to trap the smelly little critters.

So, here goes. To make money on the Internet blogging there are basically two methods, which I have very considerately numbered 1 and 2 to make them easier to follow.

Two Ways to Make Money Blogging

  1. Copy what other successful billionaire bloggers do.
  2. Do something totally unique i.e. something that no-one else has ever done.
If you want to follow route no. 2 that's fine, you just need a unique (and interesting) idea - like those guys who created that cute cat can i haz cheezeburger site, which just took off and made them a pile of money. Your great unique idea gets a viral infection and a million visitors a day fall about laughing at cats (I was going to say pussies but I don't want people thinking I'm crude) and you make pots of money. Good luck.

If you don’t fancy the route 2 way to making money blogging, then you need to follow good old route 1 i..e. copy what other blogging trailblazers have done. We ain't proud.

Now this is where it gets complicated, so I will now subdivide this route no. 1 into two further sub-sections will I shall call 1A. and 1B.
[My night at a swanky dog food restaurant - Chez Woof]make money online make money internet

In method 1A. you follow the route of the famous 'A' list money-making zillionaire blogger 'gurus' e.g Mr Problogger, Mr John Chow, Mr Shoemoney, Mr Dosh Dosh, Mr BigFat Money Maker etc... and others who all write the same ‘wonderful content’ (wonderful if you can’t get to sleep that is) – haven’t you heard ‘content is king’ ha ha – you write wonderful content about how to catch your beaver by enticing it in to your lair with an old sock or was it an old sack ? hmmmm I must check that out again, maybe I got it wrong ? – they all have wonderful sites (usually on Worpdress) and thousands of adoring beaver fans who religiously dissect the entrails of their blogs every day, click on their ads. and buy all that stuff they advertise down the sides and on the top. Thus making the gurus a whole pile of dosh, but not making the disciples a cent. They make their money from advertising or selling stuff which the disciples buy.

That certainly is one way of trapping those beavers. Like Mr John Chow once said "I make money by telling people how much money I make."

These sites do work, apparently (let's face it I ain't got access to their bank accounts so I gotta take what they and others say on trust) - but they have largely cornered that particular beaver market and so you would have to be some sort of genius brain surgeon rocket scientist smelly nerd ubergeek beaver magnet to get a piece of that action. But once you’ve cracked it, it don’t matter how disgusting you look, those beavers will find you irresistible !

Can it be done? Maybe. Good luck. But, bear this in mind, one guy who had a site that looked very much like these guru sites and who had lots of readers and adoring fans leaving multiple comments along the lines of "gee thanks Garry for the great post" ! (despite the fact that you can read the same posts on any and a million make money blogs around the Internet) recently said it was all a crock of beaver poo.

Despite the fact that he had a great looking site and lots of fans and readers, he wasn't making any money ! How do we know this? Am I guessing ? Have I hacked his bank account ? No, that was not necessary, because in an admirable display of honesty he wrote a post explaining how his blog made NO MONEY and never would and how "social networks are stupid" and how they have provided "absolutely ZERO help towards the growth of this blog". Way to go Garry! It takes courage to do that, and Garry Conn had (and still has) a good-looking blog going. You can Google him too (later !) – I ain’t puting a link up, ‘cause although he told it like it was he still don’t deserve one of my PR0 links !
So, that's enough of make money on the Internet blogging method 1a. -
I could go on, but you get the picture - nice-looking blogs are fine and may make you some friends, and may make money for the A list bloggers, but in these harsh economic times you will need to be good to make money doing what they do (and licking those furry wriggly little beavers into shape of course!).
So now we come to method 1B. - much less glamorous, but more effective. And also more logical.
Method 1a always seemed illogical to me and I thank Garry for confirming my belief. But for method 1b I have to thank a certain Mr Grizzly make money online, who explained how a beginner should go about making money blogging.
  • First, find something you want to blog about and, more important, something that other people want to read about (personally I recommend an actual product that people already want to buy e.g. loft insulation – mmmmmmmmmm loft insulation, crazy stuff but people do actually buy it, if they've still got a house that is).
  • Second, create a blog (free using Blogger) so that you can actually blog about loft insulation, not just think about it.
  • Third, sign up for an Adsense account (free).
  • Fourth, blog away to your heart’s content about loft insulation, then stick your Adsense ads. on your blog. That is the basics, but to actually make any money is a bit more complicated there are a few more things you need to do .

    A make money blog that beavers don't visit is clearly of no use to beast or man. People have got to find your blog ! You need visitors to make money on the Internet. So, how do beavers find blogs ? They type stuff into Google that their beaver brains tell them they are looking for and click search. Then what do they do ? They click on the sites that are first in the list!
There are statistics somewhere that show that something like 60% of people click on the site that is Number 1 on Page 1. 20% click on Number 2 5% click on Number 3 etc... – so if you are on page 245 for loft insulation then you will be waiting a long time before that beaver wanders into your trap!

The only way people are going to find your blog about loft insulation is if your blog turns up on the first page of Google when people search for "loft insulation". Google at the moment gives me 442,000 pages if I google loft insulation without quotes, if I put it between quotes "loft insulation" I get 244,000 pages.

That's a lot of competition, but if you add another keyword to your search such as 'savings' the results are reduced to 43,000 - that's more manageable, so when writing your loft insulation blog posts make sure to include the word 'savings' – that’s just an example by the way. Make plenty of posts and include the same keywords each time.

This on its own, however, is not enough. In addition to the keywords (and don't repeat the keywords too often - as Google doesn't like it and will penalize you for it - Google has lots of hoops you gotta jump through, but unfortunately Google is the boss, as it's their ball you're playing with, so you either play or get gone and find your own beavers) - you need backlinks!

What are backlinks? They are links to your site from someone else's site and this is the tricky part. Reciprocal links i.e. you link to my site and I link to yours are not so good - another Google hoop – Google is not too keen on reciprocal links, although they are better than nothing, what you need are one-way links from someone else’s site to yours.

One way, and, allegedly, the best way to get backlinks is to write articles and post them to places like Why would you do that? Because you can include a backlink to your blog at the bottom of your article. If your article is really good, or even if its really awful, other lazy people will download it and use it on other sites, so you get more backlinks and your traffic increases exponentially ! That is the theory, but I'm a lazy ole son of a gun so I ain't got round to doing it yet. which probably explains why my sites are languishing on page 699 of Google and people find this blog by typing in crazy stuff like ‘Fila Brasileiro’ (it’s a dog in case you were wondering).

Well, that's the beginning, forget about trying to outgolf Tiger Woods (he makes most of his money from sponsorships anyway) do what works. Bloggers are basically publishers and, like newspapers, they make their money on the Internet from advertising, but the more readers they get for the adverts the more valuable they become.
So, this make money blogging post is long enough and longer than I intended and I need a rest. I will carry on with this intriguing beaver hunt at a later date, for reasons known only to myself, in the meantime, as I am a bit of a novice in this particular area of blogging, despite having been around for two years, I recommend you check out Mr Grizzly's site, he is a veritable encyclopedia.

So far, as far as I can tell he's the only one who talks any sense (but once again I ain't checked his bank balance so I’m taking a lot on faith - although he has posted about how much he makes) - he knows a lot more than me (but he ain't so good looking) and if he's right then it is feasible.

Do I make money online from blogging? Yes. But not much with this blog as yet. Most of the money I make blogging comes from my financial blog - about online stock trading - how much do I make ? Enough to pay the rent but not enough to live off yet but that makes me carry on 'cause I think I can do it better and one day I will retire to my very own beaver lodge.

So if you've read this far then well done and thank you for sticking with it. I recommend you check out Mr Grizzly's site - the link is somewhere back up in this post - and that represents another gratuitous one-way link back to Griz's site - like I said he appears to be the best at explaining how it works.

So until I come back and continue this make money on the Internet saga I will leave you with another poem
make money on the internet zen
Staring at my PC screen
I saw that life was just a dream
But I was broke
Which was no joke
So I awoke
And now there's no-one to be seen
And if you understand that then you have no need of me or any beaver on this planet!


  1. From the 2 ways of making money online, I choose the first method. The first method is possible and proven method. The second way needs you to be able to identify where there is a need of a product. This is risky, long and you may lose money if it doesn't work out. I just made my make money online blog and I will use the first method.

  2. Hi Dailrin

    Method 1 is copying what other successful bloggers have done to make money online, but you still have to choose between 1A and 1B -I recommend 1B, forget about social networking and go for keywords and backlinks. Good luck in your enterprise. Vic

  3. Good advice. Having your keyword in the URL is point which was recently brought home to me. I have a blog with lots of good content and keywords but without the keywords in the URL. I just bought a decently "key-worded" URL and parked it, it's already getting half the traffic of the first blog. So just having keywords alone will get a little something.

  4. Hi David,
    Well done with the new URL, paked pages don't usually get much traffic so if you are getting traffic it must be a decent name - was it a new registration or did you buy it from someone else ? I am considering starting again myself with another blog with the keyword in the URL as an experiment to see how significant it is.

  5. Hmmm apposite - long word -have to google it - can't be bothered - too busy with the trolls. But they went back under the bridge and grizz & Vic gave us a great SEo leson - I made a hub -link above! Very rude post bTW - almost Australian really!

  6. Hi Lissie,
    Thanks for the link to your hubpage a great summary of the latest news and an excellent video by Vic ( which I have embedded here on my latest post) - I also need to do a hubpage and a Squidoodle - good luck with the troll battles - !


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