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Make Money Online for Beginners - Make Money Online Blogging Part 2

How to Make Money Online? - The Secret

I recommend you read Part 1 of Make Money Online Blogging first - a highly entertaining explanation of the basics of making money online blogging (with poetry) click here how to make money online for beginners

As my poems proved so pmonkey typingopular (not) I have knocked them on the head.

(........ Making Monkey Online - The Origin of Blogging for Money by Charles Inward)

Making Money Online is all about Back Links or should that be Backlinks?

Myth and rumor has it that the best way to get free traffic to your blog and thus increase your chances of actually making money online and catching those beavers (as explained in Part 1 of How to Make Money Blogging - Do beavers eat wood?) is by writing articles and putting them on article sites. There are two reasons why this should be so 1) people will read your article and click the link to your blog at the bottom of the article 2) other websites will post your article, and that will give you a backlink to your site. And according to those in the know backlinks are the bee's knees when it comes to making money online.

The theory of why you need to get visitors to your site is easy enough to understand. Get your site onto the first page of Google and the other search engines Yahoo and MSN, this will bring in thousands of visitors a day and some of those many thousands will click on those pesky Adsense ads. and Google will share some of their vast wealth with you! The best guy for doing this and explaining how it's done is make money online Griz who has just such a site about making money online and has recently said he gets around 5500 visitors a day to one of his blogs and has published screenshots showing that that blog makes him around $140 a day from Adsense.

So clearly if some people can do it then so can others, but probably not in the make money online niche. Like I said in my previous excellent and exceedingly humorous post (with poetry) - make money online blogging - it's probably better to go for a niche that the general public is actually interested in, rather than just trying to target cheapskates like me who are interested in making money online without spending a dime, money for old rope you could say.

So, backlinks are important, but backlinks from whom or from where? Google in its wisdom has decided to rank pages based (to a certain extent) on the number of links to them from other pages or websites, which is all well and good, but bear in mind that irrelevant links i.e. links from a site about women's leather handbags to an exercise bike site are not very highly thought of. So what is required are relevant backlinks, preferably from pages with a high pagerank. The best links to get are from sites that are PR5 or higher, particularly if they are .gov or .edu sites.

How many backlinks do I need?

A few hundred or more, with at least 14.99% of these links coming from sites that are PR3 or higher, which is a bummer because it's easier said than done, particularly if you ain't got 24 hours a day to go around creating backlinks. Also you've got to be careful, as Google soon gets supicious if your unknown blog suddenly gets 20 links from sites with high PR, so you've got to use a bit of commonsense and take things slowly while nevertheless doing what you can to get those links.

So the aim of these backlinks is to get yourself onto page 1 of Google. The reason for this is easy to see if you consider the following.

If you Google "make money online" what you will see is that first Google will throw up 14.9 million pages (a lot) but also that none of the big 'A list' bloggers appears on page 1 (it should be pointed out again here that the big names make their money from the network of adoring fans they have built up and who buy ebooks and stuff from their site and from the advertisers who place ads. on their sites each month eager to get access to the many thousands of bloggers who visit these sites in the hope of finding the holy grail or because they're lonely or whatever - some people categorize all this stuff as dog doodoo and useless and a waste of time, personally I've never bought any of it so I can't say one way or the other).

Back to the Google results. The first name I recognize in the Google results for "make money online" is Garry Conn, who appears on page 3. From this we can conclude that page 3 just ain't good enough! Why can we conclude this? Because Garry Conn himself has said that he doesn't make any money from his make money blog! see my previous post - making money online for beginners

Doshdosh have an excellent looking site done by professionals, but it doesn't appear in the results until page 5 and they are not making money from Adsense as they haven't got it on their site, they are making money from the ads which they can charge large amounts of doshdosh for on a monthly basis, as, according to their own figures, they get 250,000 page views a month. Slightly more than I get.

Problogger appears on page 6 and JohnChow on page 7. Their sites are very impressive and run by teams not by a lone gunman in his garage, so there is no way you are going to be able to compete (as can be seen from Garry Conn's experience). They also pay people to design their templates and they pay for advertising no doubt too.

So the thing to retain is that you need to get onto page 1 - like I said Garry Conn is on page 3 and that isn't high enough to make money online or offline. [Update he has slipped to page 4, which happens, except it never seems to happen to that guy who ranks no. 2 on page 1 !]

Now if you change the phrase you Google and Google "make money online for beginners" instead, you will see an enormous drop in the number of results Google throws up (only 67,000 this time) so this particular phrase might be easier to target, although as mentioned before you are far better off targetting a different niche altogether. You will see also that Griz is top again on page 1 and wonder of wonders one of my blogs appears on page 7 woohoo !! I say wonder of wonders, but I should say 'mystery of mysteries' - Google moves in mysterious ways its wonders to perform - as the blog in question that belongs to me is a blog about investing and the stockmarket not about making money online and it appears to have been found by Google because once upon a time I had "make money online for beginners" in my 'about' section. The blog you are reading here, which does pretend to be about making money online for beginners, and even how to make money online for free, is nowhere to be seen!

But if we take our investigation one step further and Google "make money online for rookies", my wonderful blog appears on page 1! Unfortunately this is not difficult as there is only 1 page for that particular phrase and I get very few visitors who type it in. So a rethink in strategy is called for methinks.

So the moral of this particular story is - don't aim too high, go for longtail keywords i.e. phrases such as pink digital cameras rather than just plain old "digital cameras" but you do need to target phrases people actually type in to Google, for which you will need to use Google Keyword Tools, but I'll dissect that particular pile of poo next time. If I live that long.

Who Am I?

Breathing in and out, getting older as I do
I blog away and wonder 'I am who'? Do you?


  1. LOL.

    Anyone who can take a dull subject like MMO and make it as entertaining as you just did has some serious writing talent. That was excellent.

  2. Hey Grizzly - thanks for dropping by !
    I'm glad you found my efforts entertaining, I suspect Part 1 was better than Part 2 but Part 3 should be hot ! Thank you for taking the time to compliment my writing talent (such as it is) and also for all the excellent advice on your blogs. As you no doubt noticed I "borrowed" a lot of it. Rejuvenated by your encouragement I shall plod on and endeavour to put into practice what I preach ! Thanks again. VicW

  3. Hi Vic,

    Gotta echo Griz's words there, nice way to get a ton of keywords in an entertaining post!

    Make Money for Rookies eh? LMAO!!

  4. Keep writing, between you, Griz and one or two others I may finally understand backlinks.

  5. Good Post...the only thing you leave out is that the ProBloggers of the world aren't necessarily optimizing for "make money online"

    For example, google "blogging", "blogging tips", "blogging for beginners" and you will find exactly what Darren is optimizing his site for.

    Dosh Dosh is most likely the same (I haven't analyzed his site).

    Secondly, these guys don't just rely on the search engines for traffic. Ever heard of the Power of Matthew? Chances are very slim that a person blogging hasn't heard of ProBlogger simply because it seems that every blogger in this world has done research on his site. So Darren wins a couple ways...

    1. he gets them organically when they type in pertinent information about (guess what?..) blogging.

    2. He also gets them when they don't because everyone and their uncle that has a blog about blogging has linked to him in some way, shape or fashion.

    Do I like Problogger? No...I think his site is shit and personally I don't care about what colors subliminally induces someone to want to comment on his site. It is a place where wanna-be's and newbies hang.

    But the point is that just because these A-listers aren't listed in the typical "make money" niches doesn't mean that they don't know what they are doing...they do...their keywords are just different.

    Oh, and by the way...I agree with you....Gary Conn is a moron...

  6. Hi Terry,
    Thanks for dropping by and glad you liked the post(s). Between Griz and you I might finally get the hang of this backlink caper. It seems Griz has a put a link to here from his site is which is most excellent of him. Yes the Rookies idea was maybe not so clever so I've gone back to boding old 'beginners'! :-) VicW

  7. Hi Leo,
    Thanks for dropping by. Yes you are right about Problogger and Doshdosh, I think the point I was trying to make in my sloppy kind of way is that you need to get to Page 1 of Google not build up a social network. Plus for a beginner 'blogging' is probably not the best niche to target as there are too many out there doing a good job already - best to go for something manageable and more commercial. As for Garry Conn I've got nothing against him and respect the fact that he actually said his blog was not making any money (it may have changed now - I don't know as I ain't checked in a while), it's good for beginners to hear 'cause I wasted a lot of time trying to make money by copying the A list bloggers, so it's nice to know that you're better off doing something else. Even the way Griz recomemnds is not particularly easy - you still got to put in a lot of finger work getting backlinks from those beavers! (For those who wonder why I'm talking about beavers you need to read my Part 1 post.) VicW

  8. Toolboxhero - hi, I'm a bit of a beginner at this game myself, Griz and Terry know what needs to be done (have you checked out Terry's forum?)

  9. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haa!Awesome thread.Detail explanation making monkey online...opps!

  10. Yup - I thought of that typo too but didn't use it - thanks for reminding me maybe I'll include it in the next post!

  11. ... or you could really push the boat out and makey monkey online for rookie, cookie... LMAO!

  12. Hi Terry
    LOL - yes I can see a whole list of infinite monkey jokes - blogging often reminds me of that infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters - in fact I've just started by changing the caption on my monkey pic !

  13. How can monkey help us to make money online...?

  14. I don't know mattresses, but I'll ask it. Mattressess mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !

  15. Thanks for the info. Great tips. I'm not making much money online yet, but I'll get there.

  16. Good luck FDTV - your site looks neat

  17. Hi vic,
    thanks for a nice and good post.
    I have also make a blog for beginners but dont get any visitor thats my blog:
    Hope you willl help me in increasing mytraffic.
    thats my

  18. Agha - you should have made your website address into a link - like everyone else did

    Credit cards are nice and shiny ! Good luck with the backlinking - 10/10 for effort !


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