NudeTube Sells for 167K

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YouTube certainly started something when they chose the name for their video clip site! Now just stick a tube on the end of a noun or an evocative adjective and you've got a video site.

In a recent post Top Domain Name Sales for 2008 I pointed out that although the prices paid for the big name domain names were down 17.5% in 2008, nevertheless there were still 100 big name sales of over $100,000 - only the second time that this has happened. So domain names are clearly a way to make money online, if you can find the buyers. For other (slightly smaller) sales check out DNJournal.

In 2009 the first big 6 figure sale has been NudeTube.com (no prizes for guessing what it's about - don't bother looking, you need to fill in a form to get in) - it sold for the princely sum of $167,500.

This is actually quite a good start to the year, from what I can see there were no such big sales so early on in 2008. So maybe 2009 will surprise everybody and be the year for big domain name sales! You may even have some money saved up to buy some bargains. There are certainly bargains around in the housing sector if you are looking for a house to do up and sell on - see Buy a House for $1000 - and there are a lot of domain names dropping as people decide not to renew them.

The big problem for domain name owners at the moment is the fall off in PPC revenue - development is now the buzz word, so expect to see more companies offering some form of development instead of just plain old parking.


  1. Wow, I'm impressed nudetube.com is sold at such an obscene figure. Nice catch on the domain.

    Suddenly, "Why didn't I think of that before?"


  2. Hi Yan,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Yes, I think a lot of people think that. The trick is to think of something now that will become the next big thing. There are all sorts of sites now ending with 'tube' but what will be the next 'must have' suffix.

    SponsorReview is a nice looking blog by the way !


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