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Make Money Online - The Top 100 Domain Name Prices Achieved in 2008

Last year I analyzed the top 100 domain sales that took place during the record year of 2007 - Record Domain Name Prices and discovered that prices for the top 100 domain name sales had increased by 43.3% compared with 2006. So here is my brief analysis of the top 100 domain name prices achieved in 2008

Was 2008 another record year for domain name sales?

In case you hadn't heard, there has been an economic crisis/meltdown/ Armageddon while you have been asleep, even Warren Buffett himself is having trouble making money investing online. So how have domain names stacked up as an alternative investment?

2007 was a landmark year for domain name sales, as it was the first year in which the price achieved for every name in the Top 100 was $100,000 or more. In 2008 this was repeated, with the lowest price for any name in the top 100 being once again $100,000.

The highest priced domain name sold was, of course, a dotcom - Fund.com at $9,999,950. The highest non dotcom was again a .de (as it was in 2007) and for the first time a .de domain name was sold for over $1 million - Kredit.de at $1,169,175. This was also the third highest price overall, the 2nd highest price overall was DataRecovery.com at $1,659,000 - 4th highest price was also a non dotcom and was also over $1 million - cruises.co.uk $1,099,798 - the highest .co.uk in 2007 was 31st overall, so that's quite a move up for .co.uk. 5th highest was Invest.com at $1,015,000.

In 2007 there were 9 sales of $1 million or more, compared to only 3 in 2006, this year there have been 5 sales over $1 million, so a rather large drop there.

In 2006 the overall total for the top 100 domain names was $29,750,000 - in 2007 this total rose to $42,682,500, which meant an average price for 2007 of $426,825 per domain name compared with $297,750 for 2006. This represented an increase of 43.3% in prices from 2006 to 2007. A pretty effective way of making money online

In 2008 the overall total for domain name sales was $35,185,276 which is an average of $351,852 - not bad but nevertheless around a 17.5% decrease compared with 2007 (NB : I didn't count the last one in the DNJournal list as that is in fact no. 101).

With regard to extensions, .com is still way ahead of the rest with 81 .coms in the top 100 domain names sold, but .org and .de were the big winners for 2008 with dot mobi being the big loser.

The Different Extensions in the Top 100 Domain Sales Sold

81 .com - average price - $289,730 (compared with 87 in 2006 and 83 in 2007) 4 .de - average price $503,714 (1 in 2007)
4 .org - average price $122,850 (0 in 2007)
3 .co.uk - average price - $581,502 (4 in 2007)
3 .net - average price - $236,143 (4 in 2007)
2 .nl - average price - $184,673 (0 in 2007)
1 .ca - price $600,000 (0 in 2007)
1 .es - price - $173,682 (0 in 2007)
1 .mobi - price $110,000 (5 in 2007)

There were no .info, .tv, .in, .asia in the top 100.

Different 'categories' of name :-

Random Letters - highest was SC.com at $300,000 - 12 names in total
Random Numbers - highest was 770.com at $343,308 - 11 names in total
Finance/credit names - highest was the overall highest Fund.com at $9,999,950 - 10 names in total
Porn names - highest was porn.net at $400,000 - 7 names in total
Place names - highest was daytona.com at $151,395 - 7 names in total
Holiday/tourism - highest was cruises.co.uk $1,099,798 - 4 names in total
Peoples names - highest was Alice.com at $250,000 - 2 names in total

Of the 70 names that weren't just numbers, letters or proper nouns - 44 were one word and 18 were 2 words, very few were more than 2 words.


  1. My main aim in looking at domain name sales over 2008 was to see if average prices were up or down. Well as shown above - prices were down overall 17.5% - over the same period the stock markets around the world fell by between 30% and 50% - so the fall in domain name prices could have been worse
  2. It is clear that .com is still the undisputed king
  3. Short names are best (one word or at a pinch two words - this applies to all categories inc. porn and place names)
  4. Letters and numbers do well as long as they are short (generally 3 characters max. - although 4 letters sometimes sell for high figures - see riva.com, unet.com and igen.com all of which sold for $100k or more and which still show more or less blank pages - these are what domainers refer to as CVCV or VCVC names - a pronounceable mix of vowels and consonants)

So if you can find a .com domain name that fulfils the above criteria for less than $100,000 then you might be on to a winner ! If you already own such a name then well done to you.

If you don't have thousands of dollars available for investing in the best domain names but you think you have what it takes to be the next Kevin Ham then you can always start at the bargain basement end and work your way up by flipping domain names (some people make money doing this but it is not a get-rich-quick scheme unless you are extremely lucky - it does take work).

You can buy domain names for around $10, but wherever possible try and use discount codes to get them even cheaper. Don't forget also that while you are waiting for your domain names to sell you can always use them to create a blog and make money online blogging.

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