Make Money Online Part 3

Earn Money Online Part 3 - The Open Secret - Keywords are Key

How to Make Money Online from Home

OK make money online desperados, I've been putting this off for a long time but finally the people inside my head have convinced me to get my excuse for a brain into gear and write the long-awaited Part 3 of how to make money online blogging at home on the Internet for beginners !

For Part 1, with celebrated beaver hunting poem, see - Make Money Online for Rookies - For part 2, with pictures , see Make Money Online Blogging

Being a sensible fellow I'm reasonably convinced that the people inside my head aren't really there, just like the people outside my head aren't really there either. And in fact I know that my head isn't there and even that 'I' isn't there and that 'there' isn't there. So none of this is there, which may seem rather contradictory, but not if you ain't there.

Be that as it may, I feel strangely compelled to put some thoughts in a pot and liberally spray them here on the subject of how to earn money online, not by doing those exquisitely tempting paid surveys (do online surveys work as a way of making money online? - we need an online survey to get to the bottom of that particularly juicy conundrum I feel) but by the astute implementation of keywords, what they are and where to put them, and their relevance with specific regard to making money online blogging without of course spending any money yourself.

Well, if you have got this far you clearly are a stubborn fellow keen to understand the closely guarded secret of the mystery of keywords. I must confess that I have no particular qualification in this regard, and I cannot claim any particular originality, but here is what I understand about keywords. There are other fine fellows who know a lot more than me about such matters and why keywords are key if you want to earn money online, but as far as I know none of them has written a poem about hunting beavers - Do Beavers Eat Wood?

In case you didn't know it, most people trying to earn money online from blogs are men. How do I know that? Because I read the comments they leave and they are nearly all signed by men! Some of them could be sneaky women of course trying to pretend to be men, but I maintain that such is not the case, women may be devious but they are not sneaky in the same way as we of the ugly sex.

A man might give himself a woman's name to try and wheedle himself into your good books by pretending to be the object of your desire, but a woman wouldn't do the opposite. So most of you are men. And what do men like doing? They like to go hunting and wheedling.

But first a quote by that great American, Homer J. Simpson on his son Bart - "Marge, don't discourage the boy! Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals! Except the weasel."

So consider blogging for money as a form of hunting and the keywords as the bait. By leaving a trail of keywords those pesky little beavers will find their way back to your very own beaver lodge where you can bag them and demand a ransom!

NB. It is important to distinguish between long-tailed weasel tracks and beaver tracks
Long-tailed Weasel Tracks

beaver tracks (<----- Long-tailed weasel tracks - bad)
(........................ Beaver tracks - good ---->)

So, when blogging about your chosen subject, make sure you choose the right keywords - keywords bring traffic to your blog - and traffic converts by a mysterious osmosis into money.

I like to keep things simple so I stick to Adsense, as in my limited experience it's the only thing that works, and I consider that each visitor brings in 2 or 3 cents - they don't all click on stuff of course some of those pesky varmints just vamoose leaving a smely trail behind them, but enough of them find something they like and go have a look at it - so all in all it works out to 2 or 3 cents a unique visitor - so more visitors = more cents.

So pick keywords that will bring in visitors (bearing in mind Uncle G's terms and conditions we all know for example that some keywords will get you into trouble - but beavers for example is OK - there are 11,000,000 results for beavers on Uncle G. and all the ones on the first page are family friendly and furry - but if you search for "do beavers eat wood?" you only get 69 results and guess who's number 5 and number 6 on page 1 :-)) - unfortunately not many people actually search for "do beavers eat wood" (whatever happened to scholarship?) so, as far as making money blogging goes, that is a complete waste of time) so you see the dilemma - you need keywords people actually search for in large numbers but where there is chance that you can wheedle your way onto page 1 of Google by providing high quality content like Wikipedia - ha ha does anyone actually check what people write on Wikipedia ? - don't get me started on Wikipedia ! truth is after all only a relative concept).


So, how much can you make by getting yourself on page 1 of Uncle G ? The sky seems to be the limit - personally I'd be happy to make enough to feed my face and pay the mortgage - but some say $10K, $20K, $30K and upwards per month - so plenty of incentive for the more horizontally inclined amongst us.

(... The sky's the limit)

Davy Crockett Hat
How long will all this take? Six months, honest. I read that on Wikipedia. I've been doing it longer than 6 months and believe me if you can do it in 6 months you are a beaver trapper extraordinaire and deserve your very own Davy Crockett hat.

In fact you will be so good beavers will probably come and sit on your head just so they can bask in your reflected glory ! (Yeah, I know they are racoons, but they were all out of beavers. And who would want a beaver on their head anyway?)

So what is the secret to earning money online at home blogging?

Easy. Find keywords people actually type into Uncle G. whiz. How do we know what people type in to Uncle G., 'cause Uncle G. has kindly provided a nice tool that gives us all the information we need - and they call it the Uncle G. Adwords Keyword Tool. So you go there and type in a keyword or two e.g. camping accessories.

So let's see what the UnGa KeyToo has to say about camping accessories. Make sure you do the following first - click on 'Choose columns to display' and pick 'Estimated Avg. CPC' (that shows how much each click is worth to Uncle G. - you will get a percentage of that so obviously you want higher paying clicks) some people say you need to click on 'match type' and pick 'Exact' but I'm not convinced, as some other equally successful people don't say that - maybe I should check Wikipedia ?

For 'camping accessories' we get the following information -average CPC $1.27 (you really need $1 minimum) - average search volume 74,000 (higher is better) - competition however is high at 740,000 Google results - but when you look at the page rank of the top 2 'camping accessories' sites on Page 1 of Google (i.e. you type camping accessories into Google and see what comes up) you see that the top pages are are only PR2 and PR3 which is another thing you have to factor in. Don't target keywords where the sites on Page 1 i.e. the sites you will be competing with are PR5 PR6 etc... (Wow I'm boring myself here!).

To know the PageRank of any page you need to install the Uncle G. Toolbar or alternatively install the SEO For Firefox browser extension. Another excellent tool is the SEOBook tool from - it gives you all kinds of sneaky information about people's sites and some clues as to where to find those all important backlinks.

One more word about backlinks. Once you have decided what keyword you want to target (don't go for the making money blogging niche btw, find something people actually want - tech is apparently not so good either as the click through rates are not so high - set up a blog which preferably has the keyword in its URL e.g. campingaccessoriesguruJael Tent - write articles extolling the virtues of camping accessories and how they can be used in strange innovative ways to trap beavers or stick people to the ground through their head etc...

(..... Jael drives a tent peg through Sisera's temple, with a hammer. (Judges 4 and 5))

then set about getting backlinks from posts on other sites using 'camping accessories' as the anchor text. For more information on all that you'd best check out Griz's site - money

So to sum up. To find keywords check out Uncle G's Adwords Keyword Tool, pick something that gets a reasonable average monthly search volume - I would say 50,000 or more but others may have different opinions - and pays a reasonable amount, check the competition and the pagerank of the competition, write posts providing useful content as per the terms of Uncle G. using your keywords in the title and now and again throughout the post, get backlinks to your blog using the keyword as anchor text and keep on doing it till you get to page 1 of Uncle G. Apparently No. 1 spot on Page 1 gets 40% of all traffic. ShivaDo it all again with another site and in no time at all retire to your very own beaver lodge for some serious snoozin'.


  1. I agree the Make Money Online niche is rather tough. Heck it takes time just to get the keywords IN MY DOMAIN NAME to start showing up in Once I get this blog more established, I will be starting work on developing one of my domains, with an easier niche.

    I like you posts, they are amusing, as well as informative.

  2. Hi Robin,
    Thanks for dropping by my make money online blog! I'm glad you find my posts amusing :-)
    Apparently even the text in the comments is looked at by the search engines.
    One word of advice, as I understand it you need to use keywords that are relevant to your blog, so using the signature 'Robin' will get you well-ranked for Robin. To get well-ranked for 'money' for example you need to use the word 'money' in your signature. At least that's how I understand things.


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