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Or 1425 words plus 24 relevant exclamation marks ! and 3 informative and illustrative pictures on how to get your blog to the top of Google's search results ! Thus ensuring you make money online in the amount you deserve.

(............... Woohoo !)

Before you read this post let me just warn you that you are likely to be disappointed. You will discover how to get to the top of Google's revered listings, but you will still be disappointed, such is life I'm afraid, just one disappointment piled on top of another, but if you want to know how to make money online blogging you may nevertheless learn something of value from my high-quality illustrated post ! I'm warning you in advance because I don't want you coming round my house with a bag of fertilizer and blowing up my prize marrows !

Getting to the top of Google's listings is of course the goal of any self-respecting blogger who wants to make money from blogs, because this will prove he is a real writer writing quality content and providing an invaluable service to humanity. What rubbish people spout ! Not my rubbish of course, but the general rubbish that people gurgitate into cyberspace to make themselves feel good. How can you feel good? Get a religion and that might help but otherwise you are headed to the grave, is that good ? Maybe.

Anyway, I digress. Why am I writing this post on a blog about how to make money online blogging giving away the secret of how to get to the topspot on Google? Surely if I knew that particularly spicy secret I would keep it and the vast amounts of money I make blogging to myself. You bet your life I would. World domination is my goal.

So anyway I'll try again to let you in on the secret I just discovered from a supremo excellent blogger extraordinaire over on that great mystery that is hubpages. I say mystery because I don't use hubpages, yet, and I went there to see how it was done and whether it was worthwile. Well if the guy I just read is anything to go by I may as well go sit on the john reading back copies of 'Make Money Offline by Selling Plastic Potties at Plastic Potty Parties'.

The person in question, who shall remain a non e-mouse proudly displayed his achievement on a very neat and shiny looking hubpage. Obviously I was intrigued, who wouldn't be ? 10 out of 10 for the catchy title ! Just how do you get a hubpage to number 1 spot in Google I wondered ? Pray tell me the secret. Keyword stuffing ? Bribery ? Assassination of all your competitors ? A million backlinks from Bangladeshi educational institutes ? No ! None of that underhand BS. This guy is a regular Ned Flanders he did it by writing quality content and following instructions ! Cool, that's nice to know. You create a hub according to hubpages instructions (very long and complicated) you write some of that fine quality content we hear so much about - mmmmmmmmmmmmmm quality content - and you naturally end up as number 1 on Google, as you are certainly entitled to and achieve your secret goal which is of course to earn money online ! Fantastic, now all we have to do is do the same and he will be pushed off the number 1 spot pretty damn quicky. Chop chop.
Make Money Online with Homer Simpson Insert Brain
I was impressed, but then I am an idiot.

I recommend that you save your admiration, if you have any, until you hear the end of this particular sorry tale.

He gave the name of his hubpage so that we could check that he was telling it as it is and the name was "date keyword keyword" see if you can find it, I'm chicken and really can't stand the hassle of arguing with people. But I checked it all out, as he said, using the keywords he said and indeed there was his hubpage proudly sitting on top of the Google pile of quality websites dispensing information about his chosen subject to anyone who cared to click on his page and have a look.

Excellent I thought, it really is that easy to make money online blogging, write quality stuff which Google's computers recognize as being high quality. Wow those Google computers are really smart ! They can actually understand what they are reading ! I want one of those, I would get it to write my next best-selling novel while I slope off to do some serious screwing together of my fake Louis XV commodes.

Wouldn't it be great to have computers that were so smart they did everything and we could play frisbee all day ? Yes that is no doubt the future for mankind, as those nice people at Google and Microsoft work towards our common good and forego their billionaire lifestyle as they discover the joys of philandering - sorry I meant philanthropy or should that be licanthropy - but it all came out wrong. See how much I need a smart computer, nothing would come out wrong then !

So the smart guy I read on hubpages got his hubpage to page 1 number 1 and his blog to page 1 no. 4 !! Double exclamation marks !

Now of course comes the disapppointment which I promised you back at the beginning of telling you how to get your blog to the top of page 1 in Google. Some of you experienced bloggers who are already know how to earn money online may be way ahead of me here - like I said I am pretty dim at times.

How did he get his blog to the first page of Google?

Unfortunately it was not too difficult. He simply, in his wisdom, or otherwise, picked keywords that only throw up 305 results in Google ! Doh ! Why didn't I think of that before poring over his words of wisdom ? Are you disappointed now? Well, you should be, I know I was.

And not only are there only 305 pages for his 3 particular keywords, according to Google Adwords Keyword Tool these keywords are only searched 58 times a month ! So 305 results and 58 searches a month and he got to the top of page 1 - it's a miracle ! If you take out the first keyword (the date he used) and just use the last 2 keywords you get 720 searches and 30,700 results - and where is his hubpages page ? On page 6 ! Hardly an achievement. And what's on page 1 ? Some old page from 2004 full of Ebay ads. ! Lol. Just the sort of thing he rants about on his hubpage.

So as an experiment I will see if I can get to the first page of Google for the keywords "2010 year of the Tiger I will make money online" 'cause my Chinese astrology sign is the Tiger. Hmmm I wonder ? I haven't checked if anyone else has got there first 'cause I read somewhere that Google frowns upon such behaviour so I'll chMake Money Online with a Dodoeck in a couple of days to see. I will, however, put up a picture of a Tiger 'cause the guy said it was important to stick up relevant pictures as per the hubpages instructions. And a picture of Homer Simpson trying to think. And maybe one of a dodo too 'cause I think it's about time we did something to protect the dodo.

(Save the Dodo!)

Anyway, there you have it. How do you get your page to the top of Google? Pick a few keywords with no competition, write a really fantastic post full of high-quality content and stick up some really neat no-copyright pictures and maybe a video or two with 15 relevant tags and at least 10 relevant links (helpful ones not spammy ones) - repeat abadabababa oogle oogle oogle click your heels three times and spin around twice and you too will be on page 1 of Google, grasshopper.

Make Money Online in 2010 Year of the Tiger
Ooo and another thing I almost forgot - I am already on page 1 of Google - in positions no. 1 no. 2 and no. 3 (and I don't even know how no. 1 got there 'cause it's from blogcatalog that I signed up for ages ago and never use) - just check "make money blogging for rookies" and you will see there I am on Page 1 No. 1 - damn I could've written a hubpage about it ! Maybe I will. Tee hee.

[UPDATE : I rank No. 1 on Google for the phrase "2010 year of the Tiger I will make money online" - I am also on Page 2 for "Save the Dodo" ! which is disappointing as I thought I would be on page 1 for that too, but it appears some loonies got there before me.]

So don't forget to rise throught the SERPS and get to page 1 of Google you just need to pick a topic no-ne else writes about ! Whether or not you will make money online blogging is another matter.


  1. Please please please tell me the name of this guys hubpage! I want to be inspired by his wisdom!

  2. I am tempted - but I don't want to get involved in flame wars with a hairy biker :)

  3. And to tell the truth I can't actually remember ! I know it was about motorbikes though :0( how dim am I ?

  4. hmmm... hairy bikers... motorcycles... and a date?

    I am going to have to start some poking around hubpages.

  5. Come now, his method isn't that daft. If there are only 58 searches a month and he is #1, he will get about 60% of those searching to click his blog - 34 hits - and with very little work. Remember that a hub is a single page - how many of your individual pages get 34 hits a month?

    Whereas if you go after a word with 20,000 searches, but you are on page 6, you will get no hits at all, and have to work like some urchin in Dickensian times building backlinks to get up to page 1.

  6. I stand corrected, the guy's a genius. Except I have since read his other hubpages where he says he makes practically no money - but hey you got another backlink !


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