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Make Money Online for Beginners and the Retired - A Strange Event !

As you have no doubt noticed (not) this wonderful blog now features on page 1 of Google for the keywords "make money online for beginners", which is odd for a number of reasons. It has a post about Bernie Madoff right there in position 6 on page ! That in itself is weird, as that particular post has nothing to do with how beginners can learn to make money online and has nothing to do with making money online in general ! Nevertheless it seems to be stuck there in some type of disturbingly sneering time warp as if to mock my very essence.

Earlier today I had 2 pages on the first pages of Google for "make money online for beginners" ! Then all of a sudden one of them (the home page) disappeared back down to page 2. Why I asked myself ? Well the only thing I can think of is that I wrote another post - the Site Build It Video Analysis by Vic post - which also made little mention of making money online for beginners, but we shall see.

So this little post is by way of an experiment which is just as well. Just a few more heaves and I'll be knocking the Griz off topspot for the make money online for beginners malarkey !

After that we shall be attacking the make money online blogging niche and then just the make money online niche, after that we migh tactually make some money online ! Hope springs eternal.

The last couple of days have been talen up to a large extent by the Lissie Scam Review of Site Build It - see my post Site Build It - The Evoy Empire where you will find links to all the important places.

Lissie has demonstrated excellent troll battling skills and has had to deal with a few hundred comments from well-wishers and nay-sayers alike and at the same time post here, there and everywhere about SBI - so a good time has been had by one and all. This blog even got a couple of comments ! That's just as well as I don't know what I'd do if I had 200 comments a day to deal with.

Anyway I now await the reaction of the Lords of the Universe to this short reflective piece and I also need to get a few more quality backlinks methinks, if any of you know where they hang out then please let me know ! I am curious to see if the SERPS have burps and just where I will be ranked tomorrow for make money online for beginners and the retired and possibly even the dead. Hmmm now there's a thought.



  1. Lol - nice try - but is a question really pointless ? Want to try again ?


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