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There are many ways to work from home and make money, even for beginners or if you are retired. It's not too difficult but it does require work. First of all you must realize there is no need to pay anyone anything, you certainly don't need to sign up to expensive schemes like Site Build It - it is quite possible to make money online for free. To learn how to make money online blogging click here - How to Make Money Online

The subject of this post, however, is not how to make money online or work from home, it is what happens after you have started to work from home and set up a successful online business. Particularly what will happen to the money you are making online when you die. I could have said 'if' you die, but we all know that 'when' is more accurate !

If you are making money blogging from Adsense or earning money from websites via affiliate programs or by selling e-books, then you have created a passive income stream and no doubt you enjoy seeing the money being paid into your various online accounts each month. But who else knows about your online money making ventures? You need to be organized and also think the unthinkable. What would happen to the money you are currently earning online if you were to die in a car accident tomorrow? Just think of all those blogs that will live on forever in cyberspace, earning money from Adsense clicks ! Creepy n'est-ce pas ?

If you are a mom and you work from home or even if you are retired and making money from the Internet, or whatever your particular situation, then it is important that you let your family or friends know just what it is you do and how you earn money online. You may be making anything from a few dollars a day to a few hundred dollars a day from your blogs and minisites and websites etc... but if you are the only one who knows how you are making this money and where the money goes to and which accounts it is paid into, then what happens when you die ?

Your blogs and websites will still be making you money but if you haven't taken steps to ensure that your nearest and dearest are aware of your money making activities then any system you have set up to make money on the Internet will be totally wasted, as your passive income continues to accumulate but is paid into bank accounts that nobody is aware of and to which nobody has the codes or passwords.

This could cause a serious nightmare for your family if they are not able to gain access to or if they are not aware of any money that may be being paid into your accounts as a result of your hard work online. Could you die happily if you thought that your passive income was not going to your family members but was languishing in some dormant account somewhere? Sorry to be so macabre, but it does require some reflection.

Also if you work at home your blogs and websites may require updating from time to time. You may have an excellent online money making system in place that runs almost automatically, but if you don't let someone know what it is and how it works, then the source of money you are earning from home will either dry up or will end up in bank accounts or paypal accounts etc... that nobody knows exist.

It is a rather gruesome thought, but as you enjoy your life in the afterlife what will be happening to all the online money making activites that you have carefully and painstakingly set up ?

So my recommendation, if you are making money online, and if you want your family to continue to benefit from the money you are making, is that you take a piece of paper and write down detailed instructions to whoever it is that will be inheriting your online money making empire to let them know how all your various home working systems actually work and what they need to do to continue to ensure that they can earn money from your efforts.

It would be such a pity to let Google or paypal reap the rewards from all the hard work (this may be part of their long-term business plan after all!) you have invested to be able to work from home !

Comments and reflections are welcome ! Particulary on how to make money online !


  1. It has actually crossed my mind - I have all the passwords in roboform but might need an IN savvy executer to the will! Also it would be nice if somewhere someone knew how to do the "bye bye" post!

  2. Lol - yes - or maybe you can set up a load of posts automatically to appear at regular intervals after the tragic event ! I see you are now number 1 and Griz has put up a post explaining what was going on and how SBIers will pay you for Adsense ads. - if you ever put Adsense up of course ! How ironic :-)

  3. Hey, I read the entire thing and I must say, very nice information!

    I've recently started my own blog at:

    Do you have any tips for me? I ask because it looks like you know what you're doing, and I totally don't haha

  4. Hi Cashmaniac
    Thanks for dropping by.
    First tip - don't spend any money, you can learn all you need to learn for free.
    Second tip - read my excellent post :-) -
    Make Money Online Blogging

    - some people find it a bit crude so if you are easily shocked don't read it
    Third tip - read everything ever written on Griz's blog - he is the real deal and knows just about everything there is to know
    Fourth tip - you need to create a blog about a niche that people are willing to spend money in (the make money online niche is not very profitable!) - so you need to use Google's free Keyword tool to find out the most popular search terms and how much they pay
    Fifth tip - you need to use the keywords you are targeting in your blog posts a lot but not too much (perhaps a maximum of 5%)
    Sixth tip - when your blog gets to Page 1 of Google for the keyword you are targeting you may start to make some money -page 2 is not good enough
    If you knew all that already then ignore everything I have said - if you have any questions feel free to ask - but read the post I mentioned above first - Regards VicW


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