Kontera - the Ugly Truth

Make Money Online Blogging But not With Kontera

Are Kontera Any Good ? Ha ha ! Make Sure you Read Catch 4.2 - or Why Kontera Sucks

Want to make money online blogging ? Then steer clear of Kontera.

A long time ago in my frenzied quest to make money online blogging I signed up for Kontera, put their ads. on this blog and soon more or less forgot about it. The price paid per click by Kontera is so low it is a joke, but over many many months I managed to claw my way up to the giddy heights of $22 ! The limit for payout is the same as Google's $100 so I figured what the hell I'll just wait till it gets to $100 then take the ads. down - they are after all taking business away from my Adsense account but this blog is about making money online blogging so I thought eventually I would get my $100 and ride off into the sunset. A very bad calculation.

I thought that Kontera was like Google i.e. a straight up regular sort of company that was into online advertising. I was to be cruelly disappointed.

Imagine my surprise when I logged in to my Kontera account recently to discover that I couldn't find my 22 dollars anymore, they appeared to have simply vanished into cybersapce and Kontera's payment history only goes back 6 months so I coudn't find them, no matter how hard I tried. This, however, was only the first of my surprises.

After emailing support I got an email back drawing my attention to Kontera Payment Terms Clause 4.2 - perhaps Catch 4.2 would be a better name - the relevant part of which I reproduce below for your edification

Kontera's Payment Terms
4.2 Payment Terms ............ Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Revenue Share for any given month is five dollars ($5) or less, Kontera shall not be liable to the Publisher for any such payment.

TAKE NOTE ! If you are trying to make money online blogging and if you make $5 or less in a month from your Kontera ads. then in fact you make nothing at all because Kontera keep that money for themselves ! What's the word I'm searching for ? Scum or something like that. So if you are a small blog with only a few visitors then Kontera is effectively worse than a waste of time as a way of making money online as it is actually costing you money !

So if you are wondering is Kontera worth it? Or should I sign up to Kontera? Or is Kontera any good ? Or should I put Kontera on my blog ? Or is Kontera a good alternative to Adsense ? Or can I make money with Kontera? Or can I make money online blogging using Kontera ? Or whether Kontera sucks or not. Then clearly the answer is yes the that last question but NO to everything else, don't bother with Kontera. Even if you've got a blog getting 500,000 visitors a month then there are betting paying schemes than Kontera, so stick with them.

The money I lost with Kontera is of course neither here nor there, even I am not so hard up that I am going to make a fuss about $22. The disappointing fact is that Kontera are skimming off accounts which make less than $5 in any given month and sticking it in their pockets. There is a word for that too of course, except that here it is legal because you have to agree to their terms before they accept you. They don't tell you of course to read Clause 4.2 before you sign up - they just assume that you will assume that you are dealing with straight up honest sort of guys, which of course you are - it's all legal and above board but also a total crock of shit and they know it. All those $5 dollars multiplied by how many thousands of accounts they can skim every month must Kontera feel really good about screwing the little guys.

Conclusion - avoid Kontera and stick with Adsense.

[UPDATE : More information on Kontera's strange practices designed to make sure you don't make money using Kontera - this guy has already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Kontera are still holding on to his money, he is now in the process of taking them to the small claims court. The article is very detailed and explains why you will not earn any money with Kontera - see here Why You Should Avoid Using Kontera - see also why Jeremy Shoemaker of Shoemoney fame doesn't use Kontera - Holy Krap Kontera - and read the hundred od comments about Kontera's growing band of people who hate them - and none of them even mention the fact that under Catch 4.2 of Kontera's Terms if you make $5 or less in any month they keep it for themselves!]


  1. yes, Kontera is a scumbag company bent on sqrewing publishers. And it is not just with sub 5$/month but with much more serious matters as well. Jusy google "kontera fraud" and "kontera BBB"


    just an example: http://themebot.com/tips-and-tutorials/kontera-contentlink-advertising

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the link - interesting stuff and very annoying thank God they don't owe me any real money - I have updated my post and recommend that all people visit your link and take note !

  3. Konteras contextual adds are one of the the most irritating thing you can put on a web page. You cannot even move your mouse across a page without their stupid pop up blocking your view. If I wasn't able to disable it I would not regularly visit any page that has them.

  4. Yes, they are extremely annoying, and it turns out Kontera is keen to keep lots of the money for itself !

  5. Hey pal,

    Just checked out their publisher agreement - didn't this clause there - are you sure about it?

  6. Yes, the clause 4.2 I pasted is a copy from their Terms and Conditions


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