Make Money Online from Anti-Social Blogging

Make Money Online from Anti-Social Blogging

Can you make money online and still be anti-social? Well I certainly hope so, otherwise I'm really screwed!

This blog is nominally about how to earn money online blogging. UnfortunaMake Money Online Bloggingtely it doesn't make any money ! At least not yet ! Despite being on page 1 of Google for some terms and being on page 2 for make money online blogging !

This tells me one thing at least - being on page 2 for "make money online blogging" doesn't cut the mustard. My illustrious blog is at the moment on page 2 for that particular collection of keywords (at least that's where it is where I am), whereas on page 1 top of the pile you will see the original professional blogger - Problogger himself - who apparently makes tons of cash, although he probably makes more from his photography blog and other ventures than from his actual make money blogging blog.

However, also on page 1 at no. 10 you will see Garry Conn, who apparently does not make money from his make money blog - at least he didn't last time I checked, how do I know? because he said so himself - he also does not have Adsense on his blog Make Money Onlineso he is therefore not in a position to make money from Adsense, so any money he is making is coming from the services he offers, the ad. spots on his site and affiliate links.

This is all fine and dandy of course but it is not for me. Why ? Because it is too much like work.

First you've got to create a professional looking site (which is not as easy as it looks) or pay someone else to create it for you. Then you have to convince people that your services are worth their hard-earned money. You've got to 'network' and do some online schmoozing, make friends and influence people etc... Then you've got to deliver. I just want to go to sleep most of the time. So I need to find a way to make money online while you sleep actually I meant to say while I sleep, but it came out all wrong!

After all that schmoozing and telling people how interesting they are, while they generally ignore you because you are clearly not as interesting as THEY are, you've got to deal with the 'after sales service' the complaints, hassles, rude comments etc... Does that sound like the sort of stuff you want to do ? If you could make a couple of hundred grand a month for doing it then maybe, but I doubt very much that that's going to happen anytime soon.

So that sort of social blogging, networking, online socializing route is not for me, I just ain't very sociable! And the older I get the more anti-social I get. What I want is to write a few hundred words of something or other (sorry I meant to say 'quality content') stick it up on my tired looking blog, maybe ping something or someone and that's about it ! If that sounds like what you want to do too then welcome to the make money online from anti-social blogging club! A very anti-social club, but a club nevertheless, usually such clubs have one misanthropic member.

Well, apparently, making money online this way can be done! The only thing you've got to crack is the SERPS ! You've got to get your blog to the top of page 1 on Google for your chosen keyword e.g. ice cream makers ! The keyword you choose has got to be popular of course - for example the keywords "make money online" get around 200,000 searches every month on average (according to Google's Adwords Keyword tool) and people pay around 52,000 Vietnamese Dong per click ! Wow, I'm moving to Vietnam !

"Ice cream makers" however got 300,000 searches in February and cost around 17,000 Vietnamese Dong a click, which admittedly is less but I suspect that you will get more clicks from Ben and Jerry's ice cream maker community than from the make money online free community, such as it is.

So if you don't want to join facebook or myspace, you really can't be arsed twittering, and you can't get your head around stumbling and bumbling, digging and pligging then you are an anti-social blogger and shame on you ! But you still got to eat and it ain't all those nice social bloggers that are going to feed you. They will just tell you to get your butt into gear and stop being such a drain on society, and why didn't you vote for Obama and why you should forgive the Taliban and that we should never have liberated Iraq and how nice it is to get comments on your blogs and if you would only buy my e-book then you will see just how nice and cuddly the world really is.

Well let me tell you the harsh truth, only rich people get something for nothing, apart from Universal Consciousness of course, we are all born with that for free, in fact that is what we really are so it doesn't matter if you can't spare a dime 'cos your true nature is the Unborn eternal consciousness to which this vale of tears is but a dream - if by chance you are interested in discovering the truth about your essential nature, and destiny has somehow mysteriously brought you to this blog, and you've been wondering what the hell has been going on up to this point, then check out the best in the business when it comes to understanding Universal Consciousness and the Atman - Ramana Maharshi. Steer clear of self-development gurus who want your money or your wife, Ramana Maharshi never wanted anything from anyone and he gave away everything he knew for free ! So check him out if you're interested in that sort of thing.

If, however, you want to make money online then you're going to have to do something, except maybe if you buy a lottery ticket and get really really lucky.

So anyway, the thing you absolutely gotta do is to get to the top of page 1 of Google for a niche that brings home the bacon. Did you know for example that around 100 people a month in Saudi Arabia search for the word 'bacon' ? And that it costs 2.12 Saudi Riyal per click. Why would people in Saudi Arabia be searching for 'bacon'? Maybe a slice of bacon is like porn or something down there ? Who knows. Maybe we should tell the authorities.
Make Money Online from Bacon Waffles
At this point let me stop with the bacon waffles and tell you what you need to do to drive search traffic to your blog. These tips are direct from the horse's mouth, i.e. from someone or something who has done it (he got 1.5 million visitors to 3 blogs in 8 days - so hats off to ole grizzly bear - assuming he's telling the truth of course and here's another gratuitous link - make money online for beginners) - so this is worth listening to, as you can tell by the fact that I've put it in bullet points (I've also cunningly changed the wording slightly, but not the meaning, as I don't want Uncle G. thinking I'm plagiarizing someone else's quality content !)

How to Get Visitors to Your Blog from Search Engines

  1. Your URL must contain your keyword (e.g. the URL of this site is which does not contain the keyword "make money" or even "eat bacon" so it is bad, so bad in fact that I am taking measures to do something about it).
  2. Your Blog Title must contain your keyword (the blog title of this blog is "Make Money Online for Beginners" so that's good - well done me).
  3. Your Post Titles must contain your keywords (this post title is "make money online from anti-social blogging" so that's OK although a bit long - Google will only use the first 5 words and will even chop them down if they are too long, which is why I made my first 3 words "make money online").
  4. Your post must contain your keywords and "related terms" (well I think I've done that)
  5. Your blog settings must be set to show only 1 post per page, with the proviso that if all your posts relate to the same keywords then you can have more than 1 post per page (that's useful to know - as this blog is an old blog with all sorts of keywords, including 'nudetube' but more of that later.)
  6. If you are using Adsense in your attempt to make money online blogging then stick to one post per page at all times (jolly good, I shall).
  7. If you use pictures (which I do) then the keywords must be used in the alt tags (what the hell is the alt tag ? you may ask. Well if you insert a picture, then click on HTML when writing your post you will see this - alt="" - inside all the gobbledygook code for the picture, that is the alt tag and you need to put your keywords between the " " e.g. "make money online".
  8. Use html for your pages content (I do that anyway by default I think)

The other main thing you need to do is to get backlinks ! One way of doing that is to install SEOBook and SEOQuake then visit other people's sites and SEOBook will show you where their backlinks are coming from, so that will give you a clue as to where to go to get backlinks. In my experience though that is the toughest part, especially if you're an anti-social blogger !

One final word about 'nudetube'- this blog is supposedly about making money online yet very few people actually end up here by searching for 'make money online' on Google. The largest percentage of people find this blog by typing 'nudetube' into Google. Why you may ask? Well because I once wrote a post about nudetube and how that particular domain name had sold for $167,000 - just the name, no content. You can also make money online trading domain names!

Another thing people are looking for on this blog is Kontera - can you make money online using Kontera ? - don't even think about it ! Kontera applies what they call Clause 4.2 but what you could equally well call Catch 4.2 - which says that if you make $5 or less in a month then Kontera will keep that for themselves, thank you very much, and will not carry it forward to the next month ! Outrageous scam ?! Well yes, but it's all legal apparently - for further information on Kontera and the different ways in which they pocket the online money you thought you had made, see Is Kontera Any Good?
Make Money While You Sleep

(...Make Money Online while You Sleep...zzzzzzzz.......)

I digressed slightly there, but I've finished anyway, so now that you know how to make money online being an anti-social blugger then go forth and multiply ! There's nothing here to buy, it's all free ! Even the pictures ! In my attempt to battle my way up the SERPS my next post will be entitled "make money online showing stuff to people". So have a look at some stuff.

For further information about how to make money online from blogs and making money online when you are retired see the excellent and humorous post - Make Money Online Blogging for Rookies.

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