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Site Build It! - Scam Review The Evoy Empire - Is Site Build It a scam or is it the Ideal Way to Make money Online for Beginners for work at home moms?

[UPDATE : There is a healthy discussion going on over at Mr Pavlina's forum about Site Build It where Toban has posted a negative review of Site Build It - and I was interested to read the following there " You can get over 1000 visitors a month (I have around 700), still monetization is difficult.You can get coaching to improve your site, that is extra ,3 hours ($180) . Otherwise great support." An extra $180 for 3 hours coaching after you have already paid $300 ! Lol - I'm clearly in the wrong business! ]

[SECOND UPDATE : Toban has been banned from Mr Pavlina's forum ! Lol]

I was over at Tel's The Honest Way forum this morning ostensibly minding my own business but actually trying to figure out how to make money online when I stumbled upon a mMake Money Online Magritte Madame Recamieressage about Site Build It!

Apparently a lady called Lis has written a post called Site Build It Scam Review - now did she mean this is a review of a scam called Site Build It! or did she mean this is a scam review of Site Build It! ? Well, one for the purists to argue over there.

(... This is not a post)

I was interested enough to read it, however, as I had often wondered if Site Build It! was a scam or if it was worth the $300 they charge for you to build a site using their software and host it with them, given that I wanted to learn how to make money online not spend money online, which I find is generally quite easy and does not require a manual or any expensive software, in fact when you try to spend money online you will find that people go out of their way to make the whole experience a joy ! So a Site Build It review was just what I was looking for.

In her 'review' Lis is pretty scathing about Site Build It! She in fact calls it a scam, although not a traditional scam, probably a new and improved sort of scam, but she is not too specific about why it is not traditional. She also accuses Steve Pavlina of going over to the dark side by promoting SBI on his site (for monetary gain no doubt given the presence of an affiliate link back to the Site Build It! site).

This is why I entitled my post Site Build It! Scam Review - The Evoy Empire ! Pretty neat huh ? I hope no-one else got there first.

Anyway this SBI review scam post by Lis has caused a great deal of furore, as SBI! is likened to a cult of adoring and blinkered worshippers. The members of the cult love it and have threatened Lis with lawsuits, excommunication, roast chestnuts etc... the ex-members, escapees and other non-believers say Site Build It is a scam and a waste of money or worse, that it turns your brain to mush ! But let's face it brains already look like mush in the first place.Make Money Online from Brains

(...Make Money Online from Brains - yum!)

All very entertaining!

Personally I have always thought $300 was too expensive for stuff you can get for free elsewhere. Why cough up money when you don't have to has been my guiding philosophy in life and coughing up $300 to learn how to make money on the Internet or to work from home seemed to me to be a retrograde step. No, no I hear, it is an investment! Well in that case why not offer to delay the 'investment' until the investor has actually made $300 using the money making system that is being offered ? Just a thought. In my experience I have found that people are always keen to get the money in their pockets first and then do the talking afterwards, which makes me think that the goal is not to make money online for YOU but to make money online for THEM.

Griz goes a lot further and says straight up not to buy it - Site Build It - Don't Buy It !- Vic Franqui in his own inimitable style has made a video saying it is a waste of money - SBI Noobs Are So Funny - this guy ain't got a clue but he might improve, so I've taken pity on him Site Build It Reviews and I don't know what this guy's up to but he says he likes my pictures so he's obviously got good taste - The Great Site Build It Scam - see also - Site Build It

Let's face it $300 is a lot of money for just one site ! If you are trying to make money online using Adsense then that will take a lot of adsense clicks before it is paid for and if you want more Site Build It sites, then it is $300 each time - affiliates get $75 of that $300 - so you can see why it is seen by many to be nothing more than a MLM pyramid scheme where people make their money by selling the software, not from the sites they actually put up. (For the difference between a pyramid scheme and a Ponzi scheme see this excellent post by my financial guru - What is a Ponzi Scheme ? )

Plus you can put up sites to earn money online for free anyway on blogger, or if you really like using Wordpress then you can pay for your own hosting and set up a whole host of your own money making sites for $300.

Personally, I like free ! I tried Wordpress and couldn't see the point. This site does not make money online (yet) although it does allow me to work from home (despite being on page 2 of Google ! - I wish to complain to the manager !!) and the Wordpress sites I made also did not make money online, but they were a pain in the rear-end and cost me money online for hosting, so I knocked them on the head ! Bonk !

Anyway this was only going to be a short non-post about Lis and her scam review of Site Build It! the scam so have a look round my site for more pearls of wisdom on how to make money online, such as my famous and humorous beaver poem on how to make money online blogging - Make Money Online Blogging ! Or my equally famous make Make Money Online from Anti-social Blogging ! Now go away.


  1. Oh my gosh, you site is gorgeous.
    This is the first time I've been
    here. Love the pics. And yes indeed-y,
    nice clever title for this post!

  2. Hi Max
    Thanks for dropping by and for the compliments ! Great idea with the SCAM methodology, you can never have too many scams! - I look forward to seeing how it progresses - you got any other sites ?

  3. Hey Vic, I got the Steve Pavlina angle covered. As well as the part that it it super easy to start up a website without dropping $300 bucks in the toilet. You mentioned it briefly, but I went into a little more depth.

    Nice Pics, BTW.

  4. Hi
    Yeah I just mentioned it 'cause I find Steve Pavlina interesting in a strange sort of way - if you have a peek into my profile thing you might see why. Nice job for the site for dummies, you would think dummies would be mor einneed of development than smart people ! VicW

  5. Your pics are brilliant - and you said nothing in so many words - pure Gizz genius *grin* - Iwill return and read some of the real posts!

  6. Hi Lis
    Thanks for dropping by, you must be pretty busy answering all your fan mail ! Thanks for the 'compliment' too - How to Make Money Online Saying Nothing - I should go into politics ! There's a lot of stuff on this site but most of it is pre-Grizzly so about other stuff, but I heartily recommend my Make Money Blogging for Rookies - beware though because some people hava called it crude ! I can't imagine why. :-) It won't teach you anything you don't know but it does contain poetree and I know how much you refined southern ladies like poetree !
    Good luck with your battle with The Evoy Empire. VicW

  7. NICE!!!! Looks like we might put a dent in the site build it cheerleaders.

  8. Nice site ! Congratulations on the title - I've put together a few thoughts of my own on the matter :-)

  9. Your "non-post" turned out to be a pretty fair asessment of the Ken Evoy Empire.
    I would imagine he is hoping this whole thing will just go away right about now.
    Hopefully all the fuss will save some of the "newbies" from getting eaten by the sharks.

  10. Hi Clint

    Yes, I thought so too. I don't know enough about the ins and outs of internet marketing to do a hatchet job, so I tried to stay pretty neutral while drawing attention to the various arguments and also the fact that SBI seems to have cornered the market in 'reviews' of its product.
    It could even be, as Terry from the Honest Way said, that this whole episode may actually increase sales of SBI ! As people can now see both sides of the argument and may decide to go with SBI neverthless. Now that would be odd. Like somebody once said "I don't care what you say about me, just spell my name right !".
    It has also been an exercise in viral marketing by the anti SBIers and I suspect there will be some interesting developments in that area. VicW

  11. I wrote a fairly detailed review of SBI based on my experience with it. I think you'll like it!
    A Negative Review Of Site Build It (SBI)

  12. Yeah, I found your site from a link Don left on my blog... Thanks for the hubpage mention: that's great! It's awesome that this SBI fiasco blew up and people are speaking out... when I wrote that post I could hardly find anything supporting me. Pavlina is still promoting it. I'm trying to fix that by spreading the word on his forums.

  13. Hi Toban
    Yes I know, my friend Don left a comment wih you yesterday - I also wrote a hubpage in which I mentioned your review - Site Build It Review - yours was an excellent review and written before all the current row flared up - so even more valuable ! Is Steve Pavlina still promoting Site Build It ?

  14. Toban
    Nice to see the discussion on Steve Pavlina's forum - I found this a bit surprising though from one Senior member
    "You can get over 1000 visitors a month (I have around 700), still monetization is difficult.

    You can get coaching to improve your site, that is extra ,3 hours ($180). Otherwise great support." ! An extra $180 for 3 hours yet the support is great ?! Some people are clearly made of money !

  15. I love Blogger and Wordpress and use both programs, but I don't think that is an apples to apples comparison. It seems that Site Build It is an all inclusive program. Sure you can find free programs all over the net to accomplish the same effect, but you have no support, you are alone. So I think you definitely have to weigh the learning curve and time you will spend versus trying the software with a money back guarantee. That's what I am going to do.

  16. Hi Kristine
    SBI is a program with support, but it is way too expensive, plus you pay for support for the first site, why do you need to pay for more support the second site, the third site, the fourth site etc... they could at least have some sort of degressive pricing policy.

  17. What a philosophy - get everything for free.
    That does sound so nice.

    Yet- you want to make money online? - what a conflict in values!
    Everybody must give you stuff for free, but they must pay to get stuff from you????
    Make up your mind!!!!

    You prefer to have a 100 sites each making you $1 a day? Not the 1 site that makes a $100 a day?

    Now the 100 sites only costs you $5 a month - no problem - it is only $500 - cheap

    The one site costs you $300 a year - now that is expensive????

    It really shows a warped sense of arguments, it does not make sense

  18. What are you on about ? 100 sites don't cost me $500 - you can have 100 sites for free on blogspot. Plus I don't expect people to pay me to get stuff from me - where did I ask you or anybody else to pay anything ? Please talk sense.
    One SBI site costs you $300 every year - yes that is expensive and totally unnecessary - plus if you get 2 sites they cost you $300 each - why? You don't need two lots of support - you get all the support you need the first time round - why would you have to pay for it again just because you have another site - it makes no sense at all.
    If you are going to have a rant at least come up with some sensible arguments - and I repeat as you may have forgotten what you just read 5 seconds ago that I don't ask anybody to pay me anything. You can make money online just from advertising, there is no need to charge outrageous amounts - if people are making money online with a foolproof system why do they have to keep selling stuff to beginners who don't know what they are doing ?


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