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Make Money Online for Beginners - The Site Build It Scam Review Video from Vic Franqui at Blogger Unleashed

After the Site Build It Scam or not Scam furore over the weekend Vic Franqui made an excellent video about Internet marketing, SEO, what beginners need to know to make money online, money making keywords, how to make money online blogging etc... and how to work out just how much people are actually making online not how much the say they are making online. Be warned that Vic uses no swear words in this video ! So if you are expecting lots of words beginning with F you will be sorely disappointed - this is strictly family friendly stuff ! I was shocked !

You may also notice that despite the fact that this blog ranks on page 1 of Google for "make money online for beginners" there are (at the moment) no ads on this blog ! That's because I'm punishing Google ! They are rich enough already. - Update I have put the ads. back on - at least down the left hand side as this forms part of my ongoing examination of how feasible it is to make money online blogging using Adsense.

So that's enough of my drivel - listen to the video it's very good !

For the background information on how this all came about and the Great Site Build It Scam Review Debate Furore see the following links

Site Build It Scam Review - Lis's Site Build It Scam Review blog post that set the ball rolling !
Site Build It SBI - The Evoy Empire - a fine Op Ed Piece into Site Build It and a Review of Site Bild It in general!
Site Build It - Don't Buy It - the cavalry came over the hill telling all and sundry not to buy Site Build It!
Site Build It Review Site - who the hell asked for his opinion on Site Build It?
Is Site Build It a Scam? - a fine Site Build It Scam Review video by Allyn

Finally see also the update - explaining the REAL reason why all this happened - it was nothing to do with whether Site Build It was a scam or not - Site Build It

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