Site Build It Review Two

Work from Home - Site Build It Scam Review Update

After my earlier post about the Site Build It scam review caper I was interested to see just how things would pan out. I never thought this whole exercise was about Site Build It or whether it was a scam or not or even whether it was about getting Lissie's post about Site Build It to the top of the SERPS, although that was a part of it and a successful part!

Grix has just explained on his site the irony of what has just happened, how SEO works and how you can achieve similar results. The irony is that the Site Build It fraternity pay through Adwords to get their Site Build It Sites appearing on google's pages and also on sites and blogs that mention Site Build It or ask the question is Site Build It a scam or not.

As there are now lots of sites relating to Site Build It and whether it is a scam then ads.for Site Build It will be apperaing on sites that are criticizing SBI and any clicks on the ads. will be paid for by SBIers into the Adsense accounts of people who don't believe in the value of Site Build It. How ironic is that.

See also Vic Franqui's video on is Site Build It a scam or not - Site Build It

I could go on but hey it's all been said before ! And who listens ? Google's computers listen but apart from them it seems everyone has had enough of Site Build It !


  1. Sbi is way expensive. I almost went with them and I ended up buy XSitePro. xsitepro is loads cheaper, you can make as many websites as your want, it has loads of built in SEO functions. To cut a long story short I saved a lot of money and ended up with a much better website.

    I love your irony, haha. Yeh, it sucks to have adverts displaying for the thing you are criticizing.

  2. Hi
    I don't know XSitepro but maybe I should take a look at it.
    Yeah people are strange I write two posts on this make money blog in which I say Site Build It is too expensive and link to a whole load of other posts saying don't buy Site Build It, then people leave comments saying hmmmm Site Build It sounds good I might try it ! Lol. VicW


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