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[UPDATE 2 : When this post about making money on the Internet was written back in April, this blog was not ranking anywhere in Google for the term "make money on the Internet". After writing this post and then doing nothing with this blog for over 3 months it now ranks on page 2 position 1 or position 9 for the term "make money on the Internet" (depending on which part of the world you are in when you do the search - so I'm surprised. I may even start updating this blog more often and getting some of those pesky backlinks everyone keeps talking about to see if I can drag this blog onto page 1 of Google ! Now that would be something, especially as it is still a PR0 despite being over two years old and having plenty of 'useful content' - it would appear that Google hates it for some unknown reason]

[UPDATE 1 : The following post is a fascinating description of the Adsense privacy policy - if you are looking for information on how to make money from the Internet working at home just skip it and read this instead -----> make money from the Internet for rookies, you will find it much more useful and more informative about how to make money online blogging .]


In my quest to make money on the Internet I was reading Griz's fascinating Privacy Policy post on his Make Money for Beginners blog the other day, when for some inexplicable reason I fell asleep. When I woke up I was 2 hours older, but unfortunately little wiser ! So I re-read the Privacy Policy post and how important it is, and in fact essential, as the Privacy Policy is part of Google's terms and conditions if you want to use Adsense to make money on the Internet, and I then dutifully trotted off to add my very own privacy policy (see the link above). It was so good that some wise guy actually left a comment telling me how good it was ! I published his comment, as I thought just for sheer cheek he deserved a link from my prestigious PR0 blog.

In fact the privacy policy post was not that good, as it is very similar to every other privacy policy concerning Adsense that you will find on the Internet. However, there are two interesting facts about privacy policies that you should know

  • a) Google comes up with 844 Million results if you type in "Privacy Policy" ! that's nuts ! b) Google's Adwords Keyword Tool says there are around 22K searches for "privacy policy" every month ! and they cost around 1.67 Bulgarian Lev if you are targeting that particular keyword ! What kind of a nutty world do we live in !?
  • c) this blog ranks nowhere for "privacy policy" (at the moment at least) -
  • d) that's 3 facts not 2 :-)

Now, if you are still here, the point of this post is in fact not the privacy policy but "How to Make Money On the Internet" - I will assume you are a beginner or a near beginner, because people who aren't beginners are actually making money on the Internet, not reading about it on places like this.

So, to make money on the Internet is pretty easy to understand, you've got to sell something. I read somewhere the other day about a woman who writes ghost stories and puts them up on her blog and makes a fair bit of money from the Adsense adverts that Google places on her blog. I don't know how much it was she making but the important thing is that she seemed quite pleased and of course, if you can make money from home writing ghost stories, then you can move on to writing vampire stories or love stories or even vampire love stories ! The possibilities are endless.

The thing you need to understand however is how to get people to visit your blog. That too is not too difficult to understand - you need to get your blog on page 1 of Google. So if you are writing ghost stories then you need people to see your blog on page 1 when they type in "ghost stories" - they key to doing is that is to use the right keywords and get some backlinks.

Now I'm not too interested in writing ghost stories but I am interested in how I can work from home and make money on the Internet. At present this blog ranks well for a couple of make money online terms that get low volumes of searches but that initself does not bring in any money, because the volume is too low presumably. So I am curious to see if by targeting more high volume searches will make any difference.

This post is therefore very much of an experiment, I don't expect many people to read it ! If you are reading it then well done and you can follow the experiment along with me. The information is all valid - use the right keywords and get some backlinks and you should get some visitors.

Get enough visitors and you should be able to make money from home. Personally I'm only really interested in Adsense as it's the easiest system around. People advertise on your blog using Adsense and you get paid if visitors visit the advertisers' sites. A simple concept called advertising, which is how newspapers used to make their money until the Internet came along and people stopped buying newspapers. When the newspaper buyers / readers dried up, then pretty soon thereafter the advertisers started to dry up too.

Now newspapers have moved to the Internet and are in fact in the same business as you and me ! They too are trying to figure out how to make money on the Internet ! It makes you feel kind of special to be in the same business as the Wall Street Journal. :-)

So if you are trying to earn money online from a blog or a website then the first thing to understand is the importance of keywords. It's all been said before of course, but it bears repeating, and after all you may be new to all this.

  1. Put the keyword you are targeting in the title of your post.
  2. Use the keyword throughout your post but don't overdo it and mix up the keywords a bit to make it sound natural. I have heard that around 5% is a maxmimum.
  3. Make your posts at least 300 words long and longer if you can summon up the energy, i.e 500, 1,000 or more
  4. Use the keyword in the tags.

In fact I wrote a post already about keywords which gives a bit more detail - make money from the Internet.

At this moment in time (April 9, 2009) this blog ranks nowhere for "make money on the Internet" even though there are around 150,000 searches every month for that phrase, which is a tragedy.

So we will see. People do maintain that you can make money blogging from home, personally I remain to be convinced that you can make real money without selling affiliate products that you wouldn't buy yourself, or that you did buy and now you want to get your money back !

The claim is that you can make money online just from Adsense by creating blogs and websites around particular topics and getting them on to page 1 of Google. You also need to target the top spot on page 1 as that is where 60% of people click ! How boring, haven't they got any imagination ?

So. anyway I will be following the progress of this particular keyword phrase to discover how to make money on the Internet.


  1. Great article. You are dead on that keywords and backlinks are an absolute must for building a business and making money online. I spend several hours a day looking for new ways to build links including directories, blogs, link exchanges, etc.

  2. Yup tedious work - but you should really aim for a keyword such as 'land for sale' - not your name Lenny

  3. This is the first time I have read about this particular topic, which is really amazingly dull, and had a laugh: "If you're still here...I will assume you are a beginner or near beginner."
    Which is true.
    And this brings me to a personal gripe I have as I learn more about the subject of making money online: Why is there not room for really great content to soar? Why does the cream not rise to the top of itself? Why is it the self-promoters who are on that darned first page of the demi-god Google?
    Okay, I'll grant you that I am an idealist who thinks really good ideas should be passed around like sunshine. I have nerve enough to think that a bill that is really and truly good for the people should pass into law on its own merits rather than the efforts of lobbyists. *Sigh* I guess I'll never get used to the way things really work in this muddle-headed world.

  4. Lol Margo - people aren't really supposed to read this post, I put it up to see if I could get Google to put me on page 1 for the keywords 'Privacy Policy' :-)
    As for your 'personal gripe', well Google (despite what they may say to the contrary) is interested in making money so people have studied their system and discovered ways of getting themselves listed number 1 by Google.
    'Great content' as you put it is of course a subjective judgement, but even great writers have got to sell their books otherwise they will starve to death and then there will be no more books from them thank you very much !
    If you want to write a great book I would suggest you self-publish it over at - all free of charge - but even then you need to promote it otherwise no-one will find it (except your mum of course - but in my limited experience even family members soon get tired of buying your books !)
    So good luck in your endeavours, there are lots of place for writers on the Internet so I wish you luck.
    BTW your profile comes up as 'inaccessible' - Vic

  5. Hi Nadine,

    Your curiosity clearly knows no bounds ! And you have earned yourself a backlink from my PR0 blog - although it would be better for you if you had used something other than your name for the anchor text as you will be getting ranked very high for Nadine McNeil but not for stuff like Business Ideas which may be more useful.

    Re. your question about where I rank now for make money on the internet, you have galvanized me to have a look - unfortunately I see have slipped down to page 4 here in the UK, even lower I suspect in the US but you can have a look yourself and let me know !
    These comments will self-destruct in a couple of days if nobody reads them :-)

  6. The importance of backlinks - I read this on a blog the other day (I've read it on a million other blogs too). "Here are a few ways I create one way backlinks to my own sites. I find related sites that I can leave comments on with my web site address and I actually read the comments and put my opinion in. Don’t be spammy here. Seriously take a few minutes and read what people are talking about and become an expert in your field and offer your opinion."
    Well, it works both ways, so I deleted the comment, as I said I would in my previous comment :-)


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