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Earn Money on the Internet - Which are the Best Article Directories?

Just a quick post with some very useful info. about article marketing and article directories to get Derren Brown and his lottery prediction off the first page. If you are trying to learn how to earn money on the internet blogging or by creating websites then you understand the importance of backlinks. You also have probably heard that article directories and article marketing are a good way to get backlinks. But there are so many article directories out there how do you know which are the best so that your article marketing strategy is not bogged down and you don't waste time with the also rans ?

Let's face it, submitting articles manually to article directories is a pain - so you need to pick the good ones and give them what they want.

Fortunately there is a nice guy at MasonWorld who has devised an article directory ranking scheme ! He tells you which are the best directories in a loooooong list of 460 article directories which is updated weekly - and because I'm a nice guy here is the link - top article marketing directory link - but to save you some time here are the top 10 article directories with their PR rating

Top Ten Article Marketing Directories

  1. Ezine Articles - PR6 6 (the best but slow with their article approvals)
  2. Articles Base - PR 5 (NB. I had problems with ArticlesBase yesterday when it logged me in as some kind of super administrator and let me see a load of stuff I shouldn't have been seeing !
  3. Buzzle - PR5
  4. SearchWarp - PR4
  5. GO articles - PR6 - my favorite 'cuase it's easy and quick and you can put in lots of links
  6. Article Alley - PR5
  7. Article Dash board - PR5
  8. Web Pro News - PR6
  9. Article Click - PR5
  10. Amazines - PR5

That should be enough to get your article marketing strategy off the ground . There are of course automatic article directory software programs that will submit your articles to directories for you - but they cost money - unless anyone knows of a free one, in which case a comment would be most welcome.

I guess this is where I should start waffling and try to drag this post out to make it into a 3,000 worder as apparently long posts about blogging are all the rage and much appreciated by all kinds of folks who have no work to do - or who have work to do and don'twant to do it - but a long post about article directories is more than I can stomach ! However, there is a very good post about how to make money online blogging - with pictures, beavers and saucy poetry which explains the ins and outs of how to make money online blogging for beginners in a painless way and it is right here - make money online blogging - it was also recommended by the great Griz himself so it must be good ! Happy blogging and take care !

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