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Make Money Online Blogging - The New Secret for Beginners !

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The make money online by blogging sector is about to change, but nobody really knows how. Up until now the advice given to beginners to the make money online fraternity was to write a blog (or get someone else to write it), get an Adsense account, get your blog to page 1 of Google and sit back and watch the money roll in from your Adsense ads from the many thousands of visitors fighting their way to your magnificent musings and buying your stuff, or someone else's stuff.

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"Dear Diary - I wish someone would read my blog"
The way to get to the first page of Google was to write posts about the topic you and your visitors were interested in, and include plenty of keyword phrases that Google would notice, thus rating your blog highly for those keywords.

The other thing you had to do was to get plenty of backlinks to your blog from other sites. Backlinks + keywords = high Google ranking and more visitors.

What exactly is a 'backlink' ? This is a question newbies often answer. It is a just a link from one site to another. If the site linked to belongs to you then you tend to call it a backlink. Here is an example of a backlink to a site - stock trading for beginners - you will notice that the 'keywords' for the link are 'stock trading for beginners' and the link takes you to a site called How to Trade Stocks, that explains all you need toknow about trading stocks if you area beginner.

The system for making money online was heavily biassed in favor of established sites to the detriment of blogging beginners, and worked very well for large sites such as eHow or Ezinearticles who consistently used to show up on the first page of Google, even though there are better sites for the information you may be looking for. Did you know for example  that the Huffington Post was recently sold for $315 million, because it brings in around $50 million a year in advertising revenue, and they basically use the same system as described here but on an industrial scale.

All Change at Google
Well it appears that all this is about to change, for the better we hope. As Google as decided to wage a war on so-called content farms or content mills in an attempt to get better results on the first page of Google.

It's not clear how Google is going to do this or how it will affect the make money online sector in general. Hopefully, it will make it easier for the little guy with a good informative blog to get his content in front of more bloggers trying to learn how to crack the code and actually make some money from their blogging efforts.

One thing Google doesn't like is 'duplicate content' and it has just announced changes to make sure that the person who first writes the content gets due credit for it, and that anybody who copies that content gets a much lower rating than the original writer, which is not always the case at present.

It will be interesting to see just what Google has in store for us, but personally I am quite optimistic as it may mean that the little blogger has more of a chance against the megabloggers, probloggers and megasites etc... and that more people will be encouraged to try their hand at making money blogging !

Update :
It would seem that Google's update - loosely referred to as the Farmer Update has had some effect, although not necessarily the desired one, as places like Ezinearticles and Hubpages have been hit yet the biggest of them all eHow has actually risen in the rankings ! Go figure !

Anyway it seems that backlinks are still the way to improve you rankings but you need a lot of good quality original content too ! So no copying and pasting this gem. It will do you no good !

One area that people are now getting into to make money online is ebooks. It is now very easy to write an ebook - either a how to ebook or a novel - and to convert into a Kindle format which you then upload to Amazon and sell online. The price that most people opt for is $2.99 which breaks down into $1 for Amazon and $2 for the writer. There are paople making thousands each month from their ebook sales and at least one person has gone from unknown to best-selling ebooks writer and millionaire !

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