Buy Expired Domains for More Traffic

Expired Domains a Simple Way to Boost Traffic to your Site

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Buying expired domains is an excellent way of getting instant traffic to your site

If you are trying to make money online, then one easy way you can give your site a boost is by buying an expired domain name rather than registering a brand new domain that has never been registered before.

Expired domains are domain names that the previous owner has decided not to renew. There can be many reasons why an owner would not renew a domain name, but the important thing from your point of view is that it may be a name that is already 5 or 6 years old, therefore it already has an established reputation, or  it might have a high Google PR (page rank) already 4, 5 or 6 for example, whereas any new domain name starts off with a page rank of 0 and can take many years to build up to 4 or above.

An expired domain name might also have a lot of backlinks, i.e. many hundreds or even many thousands, which means that you will get guaranteed traffic right from the outset, just from people clicking on those backlinks to get to your site.

So, the reasons why you would want to buy an expired domain name are clear, but how much do they cost and where do you find them. Well, if they have really expired then they will cost the same as a new name, but ideally you want to buy them just before they expire as this will guarantee that the PR remains intact and is not re-set to 0! So a name that has not quite expired might cost anything from $10 to a few thousand $ ! The reason they can cost so much is that there will be more than one person who wants to buy them and so an auction is started. So you will be buying according to your budget.

Where can you buy them? Well the easiest place to find them is a site such as Freshdrop domains
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You can check out this video from FreshDrop for further info. too


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