How to Remove Avast Safeprice Popup bar

How to Uninstall Avast Safeprice Popup Painware

If you have been to a site such as Amazon lately and had a popup bar appear at the top of your screen telling you that you can get your stuff on another site for cheaper, then you have been 'infected' with Avast's new attempt at making money by being a pain in the ass to its customers - which they call Safeprice! Well done Avast! You are really p***ing off a lot of your customers!

So how do you remove this unwanted pile of sh*** permanently ? Fortunately it's easy enough. Look at the top of your browser somewhere and you should see a small green circular icon that looks a bit like an 'undo' button. On my version of Internet Explorer it's up in the top right-hand corner near my little home icon.

Click on the little green circular icon and a panel will open up,
- go to the bottom of the panel and click on 'settings'
- unclick the 'safeprice' box
- voila, job done. You should now be able to buy your stuff without worrying if you've been infected by some disgusting bug!

And one final point, I did once or twice click on the so-called cheaper prices the safeprice bar was claiming to offer, and guess what? There was no cheaper offer - just another site selling the same stuff (or not) at the same price!

Once you've removed this waste of space adware provided free of charge by Avast you should also see your surfing times improve!

You can now check to see if it works over at Amazon !

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