Buy and sell brandable domains via Efty

Efty is a great place to list your brandable domain names is a site that brings together domain name buyers and sellers. In their own words

Efty improves the way domain name investors manage, market and monetize their portfolios.

It was founded by long-time friends, domain name investor Doron Vermaat and software entrepreneur Lionel Petitiaux.

In 2015, Michael Cyger, publisher of the award-winning educational website, invested in Efty and joined the leadership team.

It offers domain name investors a viable alternative to sites such as Brandbucket, Namerific etc... which sell brandable domains to businesses. If a domain name investor lists his names on Brandbucket or elsewhere, there are costs involved not least of which is a commission to the site which may be in the region of 30% plus other fees. There is also a time-consuming process to have your names considered, with no guarantee that your name will be accepted. Many domain name investors complain that there names are refused for no apparent reason, whereas other names that have no particular merit are accepted, in short there appears to be no rhyme or reason to their selection process. The word whimsical comes to mind.

With Efty it is the domain name investor himself/herself who is in total control right from the outset. You control all aspects of your listings including the price, there is no commission to pay to Efty, just a monthly subscription starting at $4 a month (there is also a totally free trial period of 1 month).

You have the opportunity of asking potential clients to 'make an offer' or you can simply set a Buy it Now price which directs your clients to and the whole transaction is carried out in a very simple manner via the Buy it Now button.

To see what an Efty-based site looks like click here - or here Qwirky Domains (under development) or here

You can also see an excellent interview with the founder Doron Vermaat over at Domain Sherpa

For further information on brandable domain names in general click here - Brandable Domain Names

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